Curriculum Vitae


         Printmaking-Rice University 2018/20-Master Printmaker Karin Broker-Visiting Artist

         Advanced Sculpture-Glassell School of Art MFAH 2016- Prof J Hill

         Advanced Painting -Glassell School of Art MFAH 2013/15- Prof Brian Portman

         Advanced Painting -Glassell School of Art MFAH 2012, 2013- Prof Francesca Fuchs

         Advanced Painting- Rice University 1992- Prof Basilious Poulos

         BArch Rice University 1985

         BA      Rice University 1983 Art/Architecture/Art History

         Physics/Art/Art History Vassar College 1978-1979


         2019- Arrival Awards, Univ. of Houston Immigration Law Clinic, Houston


Group Exhibits

         2020- Visual Arts Alliance 13th Invitational Juried Exhibition, Volker Eisele juror, virtual

         2020- June Palace Ink- Artists Printing at the PrintPalace, Rice University(postponed)

         2020- Latino Art Now! IUPLR Billboard Campaign, Oceans Memory

         2019- Convergencia/Convergence, Latin American Women Artists Houston (LAWAH),                                                 Arielle Masson, curator, Glassell School of Art, MFAH, Houston

         2019- Hispanic Heritage Month, John Bernhard curator, Amegy Bank

         2019- Silos group exhibit, Horizonte with Musiqa, Silos at Sawyer    

         2019- Literally Short Film Festival, Latin American Voices, 3 artist installation, Houston

         2019- Flight of the Monarch 2019 Houston Art Biennial, Spring Street Studios

         2019- Visual Arts Alliance 36th Juried Open, Silos at Sawyer,

         2019- 56th Annual Student Art Show, Rice University 

         2019- Femme, Yvonamor Palix curator, Houston Community College  

         2019- Color Outside the Lines, Ana Villaronga curator, George Memorial Library, Richmond   

         2018- 51.88" The Art of Resilience-After Harvey, 4 woman show, Glade Art Foundation,

                     The Woodlands, TX

         2018- Hear our Voices, LAWAH, Institute of Hispanic Culture, Houston, TX

         2018- 55th Annual Student Art Show, Rice University

         2017- Harvey Relief Art Show

         2017- Art on the Avenue-Juried Art Show, Houston

         2017- The BIG Show, Lawndale Arts Center-Juried Art Show, Houston

         2017- Visual Arts Alliance Invitational Juried Show, Silos on Sawyer, Houston

         2016- Art on the Avenue- Juried Art Show, Houston

         2016- Project Row Houses, Collector’s Club, Cycle VI

         2015- Kinder Morgan Series, Glassel School of Art "Advanced Abstract Painting", Houston, TX

         2015- Visual Arts Alliance 8th Juried Invitational Juried Art Show, Houston, TX

         2014- Architecture Center Houston AIA, works created by students of Prof Elinor Evans

         2014- Gallery M Squared Juried Works on Paper Exhibition, Houston, TX

         2014- Visual Arts Alliance invitational Juried Art Show, Houston, TX

         2014- Visual Arts Alliance 31st Juried Art Show, Houston, TX

         2013- Beeville Art Museum Texas Artists Annual  Show, Beeville, TX

         2013- Visual Arts Alliance 7th Invitational Juried Art Show, Houston, TX

         2013- Visual Arts Alliance 30th Juried  Art Show, Houston, TX

         2012- Perimeter Gallery, Glassel School of Art- Juried Student Art  Show, Houston, TX

         2012- Perimeter Gallery, Glassel School of Art- Juried Art Show, Alumni Organization


Live Painting Performance

         2020- April 10 The Nahual Project, Blaffer Museum, University of Houston(postponed)

         2020- May 1 The Nahual Project, Blaffer Museum, University of Houston(postponed)

         2019- Jan 12 Horizonte- collaboration with Musiqa, Match Theatre, Houston

         2019- Mar 26 Femme- collaboration with Karol Bennett soprano, Houston Community College

         2019- Apr 4- Latinx Horizonte- collaboration with Musiqa, Latino Art Now! Smithsonian Conf.   

                    City Hall, Houston, TX

         2019- June 11 The Nahual Project, My Waters- collaboration with Dr. Jose Contreras-Vidal                                Non- Invasive Brain-Machine Interface Lab @ University of Houston, International                                    Graphonomics, The Brain on Art Conference, Cancún, Mexico

         2019- Sept 26 Unity- collaboration with Houston Ballet & Houston Grand Opera, Arrival                                     Awards Gala, Univ. of Houston Law Center Immigration Clinic, Houston

         2019- Oct 10 The Nahual Project,Understanding- collaboration with Dr. Jose Contreras-Vidal                            NonInvasive Brain-Machine Interface Lab @ University of Houston,

                    Blaffer Museum, Houston

         2019- Oct 12 The Nahual Project,Empathy- collaboration with Dr. Jose Contreras-Vidal                                      NonInvasive Brain-Machine Interface Lab @ University of Houston,

                    New American Festival, Match Gallery, Houston

         2019- Nov 9 The Nahual Project,Friendship- collaboration with Dr. Jose Contreras-Vidal, Non-                          Non-Invasive Brain-Machine Interface Lab @ University of Houston,

                    Glassell School of Art, MFAH, Houston


         2020- April 15 The Nahual Project, Texas Association of Museums Conf.,(postponed)

         2020- Feb 25 Art in the Community panelist, University of Houston Downtown

         2020- July The Nahual Project, Human Computer Interface International, Copenhagen(postponed

         2019- Art & Science-the Future of Art organizer of panel Latino Art Now!                                                              Smithsonian Conference, Univ. of Houston, TX

         2019- Discussion, Creativity and the Brain, International Graphonomics Conference, The Brain                         The Brain on Art, Cancún, Mexico

         2019- Alumni panelist- Life After Rice, Rice University, Houston, TX

         2019- LASER speaker- Nahual Project, Transart Foundation, Houston, TX

         2016- Alumni panelist- Careers after Rice, Rice University, Houston, TX

         2012- Latinos at Rice- Rice Centennial Latino Celebration, Rice University, Houston, TX

         2000- Latina Style Magazine Business Series, Keynote Speaker, Houston, TX



         ZoomArt Paris digital magazine, Zoomcast en Espagnol, video interview, Aug 2020 

         La Prensa Gráfica, El Salvador, Opinion piece, Coming Out to a New Normal, July 2020

         Latino Art Now! Art Museum TX Coloring Book, contributor March 2020 

         Seisma Magazine art+science, UK, featured in inaugural launch, April 2020(postponed)

         Nahual multi-media Installation, Walton Residence,2020

         Flight of the Conacaste Installation, Walton Residence, 2020

         Horizonte article, Art Houston Magazine, 2019

         Artist of Distinction, Univ. of Houston Law Center, 2019

         Interview, Authority Magazine on Medium, 2019

         Fondren Library art auction-Marfa Skies, private collection of Dr. & Dr. Huda & Bill Zoghbi 2019

         Interview, The Buzz Magazines, 2019

         Curatorial Review, 51.88” Art of Resilience, Hello Woodlands, 2019

         Interview, CKW Deluxe Magazine, 2019

         Recipient Let Creativity Happen grant, with Musiqa, Houston Arts Alliance, 2018

         Studio Visit Magazine Vol 42, 2018

         Houston Grand Opera's BOUNDLESS, Internet Opera , featured Infinity Series, Harvey Rain,                         Centripetal, Centrifugal, 2018

         Interview, Voyage Houston, 2018

         Interview Music+Art,  Musiqa Newsletter, 2018

         Podcast Inner Chamber Episode 3- Channeling Las Americas, Improv Art+Guitar, Musiqa, 2018

         Fondren Library art auction-A Page in Time, private collection of Anne and Charles Duncan 2018

         Fondren Library art auction-The Book of Time, private collection of Sarah & Chris Lowman 2017

         Project Row Houses, Collector’s Club, Cycle VI, 2016

         Artist in Residence, Baker-Ripley Neighborhood Center, Houston TX June 2016

         Hadean Rain series, private collection of Nancy & mark Robarzyck 2016

         Alpha, private collection of Ignatious and Susan Di Stefano, Houston TX 2015

         Inca Stones, private collection of Victor Lopez, Houston Tx 2015

         Elixir comission painting, private collection Jonathan & Jenna Lynch, Houston, TX 2015

         Time Duality painting, private collection, Eugenio Lopez, Colección Jumex, Mexico DF 2014

         Afternoon Chant painting, private collection Diane Landon, Houston TX 2014

         Distinguished artist seminar nominee & participant- Sean Scully artist- Glassell School 2012

         Distinguished artist seminar nominee & participant- Shahzia Sikander artist- Glassell 2013

         Distinguished artist seminar nominee & participant- John Alexander artist- Glassell 2014

         Art-A-la-Carte Instructor- St John’s School 2000-2007

         Co-Founder and Instructor Your Dream Home-managing the process of building your home,                     School of Continuing Studies, Rice University 2000-2002

         Fine Arts Fashion Awards, Textiles & Costume Institute, MFAH-Honorable Mention, 2000     


Design & Construction

Casa Concept-Principal/Owner

2005-2010 Design, Construction Documents, Interior detailing, Construction Administration, custom fabrication

Wise Residence-West University Place

Ballantyne Residence- Windamere/Rice Village, Houston

White Oak townhouse development- Houston Heights

Soffar Bay House addition and remodel- Galveston Bay

Caplan River House addition and remodel- Saint Bernard River

Molina Residence remodel- Rice Village


Atticus Architecture & Design-Partner

1994-2002 Design, Construction Documents, Interior detailing, Construction Administration

Nelson Residence- West University

Martin Residence- Tanglewood, Houston

Chavanne Ranch House- Columbus, Tx

Bowes Residence addition and remodel- Windamere/Rice Village

Scelleck Residence- Ojai California, Ventura County AIA award for excellence


Other Work

Anthony Frederick Architects, Houston- Intern

Reitzer Cruz & Mendenhall Architects, San Antonio TX- Intern

Ford Powell & Carson Architects,San Antonio TX- Intern

John Carl Warnecke & Associates, NYC, San Francisco, Sonoma- Intern



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