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Painting is what I’ve done since I was 10 in El Salvador under the tutelage of Violeta Bonilla, student of Diego Rivera.  Settled every Saturday morning in her modest house and ravine on the San Salvador Volcano, I had the privilege of her Diego stories, her deep understanding of art, and caring mentorship. I still cherish painting outdoors, which I do often, and the personal stories about Diego, which haven’t yet made it into the history books.


Growing up in a country with poverty that envelops, with religion that defines, and with society that imposes, I worked hard to earn the privilege to go to University in the United States, where I could question, learn, explore and redefine.  Vassar College Art History and New York City were my first stop, followed by Rice University Architecture and Art and Houston.  I found no upper limits.

New York City, San Francisco, San Antonio and Houston became home, and my creativity went into designing sustainable spaces for people. Clean lines, elegant solutions, geometry, and tight constraints were the constructs of my design. Art is my freedom.


The ancient knowledge of my Maya Pipil ancestors about living in balance with nature, being part of a larger universe, and deep time that bridges humanity past, present and future is what I think, and what I am. Human migration and the essence of what connects us all is what I paint.  My spirituality defines me; my children’s courage inspires me.

My studio- Sawyer Gallery and Studios- in the Washington Arts District in Houston serves as the laboratory of ideas. My imagination is the only limit. Hosting idea makers, scientific labs, school art classes, cultural accelerators, community leaders, interior designer and patrons only enriches my practice, as it supports my belief that art is essential to the human brain. 

Expanding my studio practice to research and collaboration with University of Houston's Brain Center has added depth and dimension to my understanding of my creative brain, my integration of technology and Artificial Intelligence, and moving into New Media. The notion that my brain on art can be studied in real time while making art, and that it could have an impact on humanity inspires me. 


The joy of creating is a privilege.

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