Artist Statement

Art has always been an inner expression by people in a particular place, at a given time.  I paint from here – Houston TX – about there – the vast intellectual inheritance left by the Maya in the lands from which I immigrated. 


I’m a contemporary Latinx artist, whose thematic is distilled into coexistence and connectivity: human to human, human to the planet & universe, and spirit to spirit. I depict in abstract pictorial language the space within time, transporting the viewer into worlds in the space-time continuum about which the Maya wrote.  I infuse energy and directionality into my paintings through color and gesture, and imprint them with DNA that connects to our shared native ancestry. I treat each work like an archeological site, in which actions such as using rain water, making  Salvadorean coffee ink, and mixing pigment from original Maya Indigo plants could be uncovered in the future by conservators . Abstracted and imaginary symbology based on ancient glyphs and numeric notation appear throughout my art as a  connection to our intellectual past.  My work is abstract expressionism with a source.

The dialogue between my art and my architectural background is a constant, as I work with common precepts, including conceptual narrative, ethnography, balance, proportion, complexity, and contradiction. It reflects the absolute conceptual and personal freedom that my new country has afforded me.

My collaborative work, with music and science, has opened new paths of expression through live painting performance. This form of art arose out of my intent towards the democratization of art: demystify contemporary art for all, including the new generations of immigrants and Central American diaspora. I make art to connect and elevate people.

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