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Salvadoran-Texan artist Geraldina Interiano Wise is exhibiting her paintings at the Kinder Morgan Exhibition Series of the MFAH's Glassell School of Art : "Advanced Abstract Painting"

      Geraldina Interiano Wise has been chosen by the faculty at Glassell School of Art, to be included in the three woman show that went up Nov. 23rd at the Kinder Morgan Building in downtown Houston. Her acrylic paintings are large scale, abstract, and gestural. Her use of bold colors and unique dark mutations of black result in a wide-ranging palette.

      Ms. Wise, born and raised in El Salvador, finding herself an accidental immigrant to the United States as an Architecture and Art student at Rice University during the 80’s Civil War in her country, went back to her Maya roots to find her artist voice after a long hiatus from art, designing houses and growing a family. She re-started her painting at Glassell School of Art, first under Francesca Fuchs, and for the last 3 yrs. under Brian Portman, finding the best advanced painting professors, as well as the supportive and collegial artist community the school has to offer. Her paintings are abstract, gestural, and dynamic, deliberately transporting the viewer to an imaginary space-time continuum where they connect to people, knowledge and cultures past and future, at a primordial level.

      “I paint about what connects us and elevates us as humans. Through interdisciplinary research- genetic, archeological, and quantum physics- I arrived at the truth: that what unites us is vast, and what separates us is miniscule. That is the joy and hope that I try to convey through color, texture, implied space and directionality that infuses energy in the canvas.”

      “Artists in all fields who I study and admire, feel the need to have a pertinent voice that speaks of the times as the context for the art. Human migration -from my personal journey, to the millions of Latinos who now call the US home, and the vast migration happening now from the Middle East- touches me deeply.  For immigrants my painting is a reminder of the vast knowledge and culture that we carry in our DNA. For non-immigrants, my art is about what unites us.”

      “It takes courage to bear your soul and inner preoccupations by putting it all out there for the public, particularly in such a large scale. But I’m ready to say something positive about immigrants and the knowledge base from which we come, through my art. The cacophony of political voices shouldn’t be capable of drowning out the humanity in us that needs art and connection to each other.”

      “My painting World Trade Center Ashes, is installed facing out into the street, which is so appropriate, given that I painted it as a tribute to the courage of New Yorkers to rebuild with strong architecture. WTC Ashes is, temporarily, part of the urban landscape of Houston.”

      The exhibition is on view from Nov. 23rd, 2015, through Feb. 25th, 2016 in the Kinder Morgan Building lobby, 1001 Louisiana, downtown Houston. Building hours are 9am-6pm, M-F. The artist is available to meet for a personal tour or artist talk.

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